Technical Skills:

As I m mainly working in Microsoft technology and Opensource like Python .so I am having experience in Asp.Net, MVC, C#, Windows Forms, WCF, Web API.

Open Source technology :

I m having knowledge Of Core Java. In Scripting Language i know JavaScript, Jquery, Angular Basic.

Third Party Tools :

I am having knowledge of Telerik reports, Kendo UI, Epplus, Jquery DataGrid

Passion for Code:

Programming isn’t for the uninterested. You must have a passion for code, developing it from a purely scientific skill into a craft or an art. The building code is much like developing a painting, a sculpture, or a symphony. With the popularity of Open Source, you don’t have to be alone in code creation — the ability to work with software engineers and developers from around the world is possible through the Internet.

A Trader:

Apart from software development, I am secondly working as a trader. I love trading.

Fearless Refactoring:

Refactoring is the ability to improve code without changing what it does. The ability to realize that no one should be a slave to original code is key here — that old code can become unstable and incompatible over time. Refactoring enables the developer to own the code, instead of the code owning you.

Develops Quality:

In a former era, engineers thought testing was beneath them. Today, experienced engineers know and understand the value of tests, because their goal is to create a working system. Exposing bugs and eliminating them is the best way to develop stellar code. But a good engineer also knows not to waste time writing trivial or redundant tests, instead focusing on testing the essential parts of each component.

Willing to Leverage Existing Code:

Why invent the wheel when it’s already working? Life is too short to continuously invent new codes and libraries. Reuse of internal infrastructure, use of third-party libraries, and leveraging web-scale services such as the ones offered by Amazon, are marks of a software genius.

Focus on Usable and Maintainable Code:

Software always works better then it is well designed and user-centric. Good engineers work hard to make the system simple and usable. They think about customers all the time and do not try to invent convoluted stuff that can only be understood and appreciated by geeks. A disciplined engineer thinks about the maintainability and evolution of the code from its first line, as well. Expressive names for methods and variables can make the code self-explanatory.